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“Every Human being should be educated and self reliant ”.
The organization is founded on the firm belief that education has capability to change the thinking process, Nobody should be deprived of basic education and vocational training, which can ascertain him his livelihood. We shall provide him resources to realize his/her dreams.
The principal focus of our programs is to ensure
  • Encourage school going students for there studies to complete graduation.
  • Underprivileged students to be provided with Computer Training, English Speaking & Personality development to obtain part time job for these students, which will take care of their educational financial bourdon.
  • Generating a societal change in terms of scientific view point & removing superstition among the masses.
We believe in a societal change, where everybody has education & job to ascertain healthy living above poverty line.
Two years from its formation, foundation has completed following activities;
  • Prize distribution to 1248 students during Year 2008.
  • Prize distribution to 1650 students during Year 2009, based on their academic performance.
  • Two Computer education centers.
  • Two Open Essay Competitions.
  • Four Adventure Camps.
  • One dental check up Camp.
  • 250 computer literate.
  • 10 NDT professionals.